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Service, quality, dependability.


Ralston Metal Products offers a full range of stock, European and customized enclosures that are distributed Factory Direct around the world. With over 60 years of experience, Ralston prides itself on service, quality, dependability, and products that can stand the test of time.


Ralston Metal Products Limited

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Company History

Historically committed to custom metal fabrication, our roots can be traced to one customers request to build a specialized electrical enclosure.  Originally called Northcott Scientific Instruments, we serviced the University Of Guelph providing a variety of metal fabrications.  By 1960, enclosures became the our main priority.  Under Inglis W. Berry’s ownership, 3 employees, and 4000 square feet, Ralston Metal Products was born.



Service Excellence

Ralston Metal Products success derives from providing quality solutions for customer needs. Our team strives for excellence through investment in the latest technologies, and research and development. Through product specialization, optimal customer service, Factory Direct prices and exceptional deliveries Ralston proves our dedication to product advancement and customer satisfaction.




We Create Custom Enclosures

Choose from our full line of stock enclosures,  ask us to modify our standard enclosures, or build  a custom enclosure to suit your needs.


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