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Die Cast Aluminum


Water and Dust Tight Enclosures



Ralston’s HALP series enclosures are designed to provide protection indoors and outdoors, against dust, dirt, oil, and water for items such as: electronic and electrical controls and pneumatic components. The HALP is well suited for corrosive environments.



All HALP are die cast from AL Si12 (LM6) type aluminum. The removable cover is held secure with stainless steel screws. The cover is sealed with an extruded one-piece neoprene gasket. The standard gasket resists temperatures from –40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F). Optional silicone gasket resists temperatures from –50°C to +120°C (-58°F to +248°F). Galvanized interior mounting plates are available as an option.



The HALP is finished inside and out with RAL 7001 grey powder coating. The optional interior mounting plate is galvanized.



The HALP is built to the requirements of NEMA Type 12 for industrial use, 13 for oil and dust tight and to 4,4X for water tight and corrosion resistance.


The HALP is rated to IP65 (IEC529).

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
HALP-050503-GE 45 mm 50 mm 30 mm 0.50 kgs
HALP-060604-GE 64 mm 58 mm 36 mm 0.50 kgs
HALP-061504-GE 64 mm 150 mm 36 mm 0.50 kgs
HALP-121209-GE 120 mm 122 mm 90 mm 1.00 kgs
HALP-123608-GE 120 mm 360 mm 80 mm 2.50 kgs
HALP-161609-GE 160 mm 160 mm 90 mm 1.80 kgs
HALP-165609-GE 160 mm 560 mm 90 mm 4.50 kgs
HALP-233318-GE 230 mm 330 mm 180 mm 7.00 kgs