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Free Standing Five Door

4000-5D SERIES

Since the 4000 Series is made to order, we have the flexibility to manufacture exactly to your preferred requirements with quick turnaround.



Any holes or cutouts in the body, doors or panel can be punched during the manufacturing process.


Paint Finish

Standard paint finish is ASA61 polyester grey powder paint, although any colour of liquid or powder paint can be applied during manufacturing.



4000 Series enclosures are built to the requirements of NEMA type 12 specifications for use with industrial control equipment in ordinary locations, and type 13 for an oil and dust tight enclosure.


4000 Series enclosures are CSA certified (File #LR 1174410) and UL 508 listed (File #E136838) as a type 12 enclosure.



Enclosures can be built to meet your exact requirements. This may include dimensional changes in height, width and depth, as well as the installation of such items as fans, shelves and other components.


Ordering Note

Side Panels must be ordered at the time the enclosure is ordered. As Side Panel mounting studs are not a standard item, they must be factory installed to facilitate panel installation. Disconnect type being used must be indicated at time of placing order to ensure proper flange cut-outs are supplied for proper disconnect installation.


Please Note: Disconnects and operating mechanisms are not supplied with the enclosure

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
4000-5D-8419518 84.00 in 195.00 in 18.00 in 2733.00 lbs
4000-5D-9019518 90.00 in 195.00 in 18.00 in 2900.00 lbs
4000-5D-8419524 84.00 in 195.00 in 24.00 in 2850.00 lbs
4000-5D-9019525 900 in 1950 in 240 in 3033.00 lbs


4000-5 Door