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Floor Standing Double Door

NEMA Type 12,13



Ralston’s EMD Series modular double door enclosures are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt and oil for items such as: electronic and electrical controls, instrumentation systems, pneumatic, hydraulic, machine controls as well as networking and telecommunications applications.


Ralston modular enclosures are ideal for use on installations that may require future updates needing the addition of more space.


The EMD series is designed around an advanced frame system with an abundance of features, options and accessories; make the EMD one of the worlds most used modular enclosure.



In addition to its world-renowned frame, all EMD enclosures come complete with installed doors, rear wall, roof, and bottom floor plate. The EMD is delivered on a shipping pallet with the width identical to the enclosure to allow the joining of enclosures without removal from the pallet.


The 1.5mm frame of the EMD is a seam welded reversed open profile with 25mm hole pattern according to DIN 43660 in addition to an integrated external hole pattern.


Both 1.8mm steel doors are easily removed by pulling the removable hinge pins. Doors are sealed with an extruded one-piece polyurethane gasket and secured closed with a 4 point locking system. The standard DIN type 3mm pin lock can be replaced with optional locking inserts or a variety of swing handles. A 20mm X 20mm tubular frame adds rigidity and is used to add door accessories.


The removable 1.5mm rear wall and optional sidewalls are held secure with M6 torx screws and are sealed with an extruded one-piece polyurethane gasket. Rear and side walls can be replaced with optional doors. The removable roof and 3 piece bottom plates are also made from 1.5mm steel. Bottom plates are designed for easy cable access and include cable entry foam for a complete seal.


The depth adjustable 2mm galvanized interior mounting panel comes complete with ease-of-moving slide wheels.



All enclosures are phosphatized and finished inside and out with RAL 7035 light grey polyester powder coating with a textured finish.



EMD enclosures are built to the requirements of NEMA type 12, and IP55 specifications for use with industrial control equipment in ordinary locations.


EMD enclosures are CE, and UL approved.


Special Orders

Custom units made from stainless steel or with special finishes, sizes or punching can be supplied on order.

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
EMD-14125 1400 mm 1200 mm 500 mm 133.00 kgs
EMD-16125 1600 mm 1200 mm 500 mm 146.00 kgs
EMD-18124 1800 mm 1200 mm 400 mm 153.00 kgs
EMD-18125 1800 mm 1200 mm 500 mm 159.00 kgs
EMD-18126 1800 mm 1200 mm 600 mm 165.00 kgs
EMD-18164 1800 mm 600 mm 400 mm 199.00 kgs
EMD-20124 2000 mm 1200 mm 400 mm 166.00 kgs
EMD-20125 2000 mm 1200 mm 500 mm 172.00 kgs
EMD-20126 2000 mm 1200 mm 600 mm 178.00 kgs
EMD-20128 2000 mm 1200 mm 800 mm 190.00 kgs
EMD-20164 2000 mm 1600 mm 400 mm 216.00 kgs
EMD-20165 2000 mm 1600 mm 500 mm 222.00 kgs
EMD-20166 2000 mm 1600 mm 600 mm 228.00 kgs
EMD-22126 2200 mm 1200 mm 600 mm 191.00 kgs