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JIC Type Quick Release Hinged Cover Opaque


Non Metallic Quick Release Enclosure



Ralston’s NMQR Series enclosures are designed to provide protection indoors and outdoors, against dust, dirt, oil, and water for items such as: electronic and electrical controls and pneumatic components.  The NMQR is well suited for corrosive environments.



All NMQR enclosures and transparent covers are made from injection molded polycarbonate material.  The easily removed hinged cover is held secure with stainless steel quick release latches that have built in padlocking capabilities.  The cover is sealed with a polyurethane gasket. The NMQR is design molded to accept DIN rails. All enclosures come complete with wall mounting brackets.  Metal interior mounting plates are available as an option.



The NMQR is high gloss light grey, or black upon request. Optional interior mounting plates are available in bare aluminum or steel painted with high gloss white powder paint.



NMQR enclosures are built to the requirements of NEMA Type 12 specifications for use with industrial controls in ordinary locations, type 13 for an oil and dust tight enclosure, and type 4,4X as a water tight corrosion resistant enclosure.


NMQR enclosures are cUL (for Canada), and UL 50 listed type 3R,4,4X,12,13 (file #E315456).


NMQR enclosures are CE type IP66


Special Orders

Custom units with special colours can be supplied on order

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
NMQR-100802 10.50 in 8.50 in 3.50 in 2.90 lbs
NMQR-060604 6.50 in 6.50 in 5.20 in 2.10 lbs
NMQR-080604 8.40 in 6.40 in 5.20 in 2.40 lbs
NMQR-080804 8.40 in 8.50 in 5.20 in 2.80 lbs
NMQR-100804 10.50 in 8.50 in 5.20 in 3.50 lbs
NMQR-121004 12.50 in 10.50 in 5.20 in 4.90 lbs
NMQR-100806 10.50 in 8.50 in 7.25 in 3.90 lbs
NMQR-121006 12.50 in 10.50 in 7.25 in 5.30 lbs
NMQR-141206 14.60 in 12.60 in 7.30 in 7.20 lbs
NMQR-161407 16.50 in 14.50 in 8.50 in 10.80 lbs
NMQR-181610 19.00 in 17.00 in 11.50 in 17.20 lbs