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30mm Push Button Hinged Cover

PB89 Series
NEMA Type 12

Oil & Dust Tight Pushbutton Enclosures

30mm Pushbutton Holes



Ralston’s PB89 pushbutton enclosures are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, and oil for most standard oil tight pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights. PB89 are applied where the installation requires extra depth and an inner back panel.



All PB89 pushbutton enclosures are made from 14 ga. cold rolled steel. All seams are continuously welded and each enclosure comes complete with a removable 14 ga. back panel mounted on four 10-32 weld nuts. Grounding studs are provided on the inside of the box and door and wall mounting back brackets are welded to the top and bottom outside.


The PB89 prepunched door is secured to the enclosure by a continuous piano hinge on one side and 10-32 captive screw and sealed (blind) rivnuts on the opposite side. The door is sealed with a one piece oil resistant neoprene gasket.


Paint Finish

All enclosures are phosphatized and finished inside and out with ANSI/ASA 61 polyester powder coating. Inner back panels are painted with high gloss white powder coating.



PB-89 enclosures are built to the requirements of NEMA Type 12 specifications for use with industrial controls in ordinary locations, and type 13 for an oil and dust tight enclosure.


PB-89 enclosures are CSA certified (file #1174410) and UL 508 Listed (file #136838) as a type 12 enclosure.


Special Orders

Custom units made from stainless steel or with special finishes, sizes or punching can be supplied on order.

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
PB89-6 10.50 in 7.25 in 6.00 in 5.00 lbs
PB89-9 10.50 in 9.50 in 6.00 in 6.00 lbs
PB89-12 12.75 in 9.50 in 6.00 in 7.00 lbs