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JIC Extra Deep Wiring Box


Oil & Dust Tight Extra Deep Wiring Box



Ralston’s PB37-BC series enclosures are designed to provide protection against dust, dirt, and oil.


PB37-BC are also designed to provide extra depth, which may be required in some applications.



All PB37-BC enclosures are made from 14 ga. hot rolled steel and have continuously welded seams ground to a smooth finish. Each enclosure comes complete with grounding studs and wall mounting back brackets welded to the top and bottom outside.


PB-37-BC doors are sealed with oil resistant neoprene gasket and are secured to the sealed (blind) rivnuts in the enclosure with 10-32 captive screws.


Paint Finish

All enclosures are phosphatized and finished inside and out with ANSI/ASA 61 grey polyester powder coating.



PB37-BC enclosures are built to the requirements of NEMA Type 12 specifications for use with industrial controls in ordinary locations, and type 13 for an oil and dust tight enclosure.


PB37-BC enclosures are CSA certified (file #1174410) and UL 508 Listed (file #136838) as a type 12 enclosure.


Special Orders

Custom units made from stainless steel or with special finishes, sizes or punching can be supplied on order.

Part Number Height Width Depth Weight
PB37-1-BC 4.00 in 4.00 in 4.75 in 3.40 lbs
PB37-2-BC 6.00 in 4.00 in 4.75 in 3.70 lbs
PB37-3-BC 8.00 in 4.00 in 4.75 in 4.50 lbs
PB37-4-BC 10.00 in 4.00 in 4.75 in 5.20 lbs
PB37-6-BC 9.50 in 6.25 in 4.75 in 6.50 lbs
PB37-9-BC 9.50 in 8.50 in 4.75 in 8.00 lbs
PB37-12-BC 11.75 in 4.75 in 3.00 in 7.50 lbs